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5 Top AI Trends of 2024

The AI Revolution is now in full swing, and 2024 will be a pivotal year for artificial intelligence. From continued advancements in generative models like ChatGPT to the first comprehensive AI regulations coming into effect, there are several major AI trends worth paying close attention to next year.

Both tech titans and everyday folks will push boundaries to capitalize on emerging opportunities even as pressure mounts to develop ethical, transparent, and accountable AI systems.

In this blog post, I will countdown and examine what I believe will be the five most important developments in the world of AI over 2024. Each trend could disrupt businesses and daily lives in significant ways now and in the future.

5. AI Monetization

For Corporations: In 2023, companies continued exploring ways to monetize AI, from conversational ads to subscription models. In 2024, we'll see more creative AI monetization strategies emerge, like AI assistants that provide personalized product recommendations. Brands may also experiment with sponsored content created by generative AI.

For Individuals: Last year, early generative AI adapters learned to monetize their knowledge by selling classes, images, prompts, and products. We will be seeing more product platforms create guidelines for AI content and images and more selling platforms embrace AI-driven tools to promote sales.

4. AI Legislation

2023 saw increased government scrutiny and debates around regulating AI, especially in regard to copyrights and trademarks. We may see the first comprehensive AI regulatory framework introduced in 2024. Key focus areas will likely include data privacy, algorithmic transparency, and accountability for potential harms from AI systems. Strict rules around the training and development of generative AI will likely be implemented.

3. AI Ethics

Concerns over AI bias and fairness moved front and center in 2023. This year, the pressure for ethical AI practices will ramp up further. Organizations will start to appoint dedicated AI ethics and standards bodies. I expect that auditing of datasets and algorithms for unfair biases will become commonplace.

2. AI Workflows

In 2023, a few companies began augmented workflows leveraging AI to automate repetitive tasks, but mostly we were just trying to understand the AI capabilities. This year may be the year AI integration goes mainstream. More user-friendly no-code AI tools like GPTs by OpenAI could enable workers across many industries to incorporate AI into their workflows. We will likely see more integrative 3rd party solutions like Pipedrive, grow in popularity for bridging AI with productivity tools.

1. Generative AI

2023 was the year of breakthrough for generative Ai, especially bots like ChatGPT, DALL-E 3 and Midjourney. We even tested the bound of Ai video with platforms like Kaiber and Runway. Next year, I'm guessing we'll see rapid improvements in the quality and capabilities of generative models, fueling mass growth across sectors. Brands may use generative AI for customer service, marketers for ad copy and designers for ideation.

If you're curious to see if my predictions will come through that makes two of us. What emerging trends are you most excited or concerned about? I'm keen to hear your thoughts. Catch you on the flip side

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