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AI Bias Bypass ™: A n Overview of Bias In Generative AI

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

AI, the final frontier. Boldly going where technology has not gone before! Well, I kinda borrowed that first line from Star Trek, but it seemed to fit this piece of content. Unless you've been under a rock most of 2023, you know that generative AI is the new kid on the block. It's kicking major tech tush and taking names. But like everything that's new, it's got some bugs to work out. I'm not actually talking about the tech bug, I'm talking about the bias bug. Being a life long learner and low-key techie, I like testing the limits of new tech. Sadly it didn't take long for me to find the trip wires in the AI biases. I mean I was sort expecting them since most products including tech are created from the creator perspective with consideration for small core group of users. But I think I was, shall I say "hopeful". THE PURPOSE OF THIS SERIES. -- I have no plans to bash AI creators for their bias (I don’t have time for that) -- I will not be advocating for diversity in AI (I'll leave that to the DEI folks) -- I refuse to boycott platforms until they "do better" (That would hurt us more than them) Instead, I'm writing this series for THE USERS to help you find ways to implement the AI Bias Bypass ™ so you can get what you need and move on.

In this series, I'll primarily look at AI tools image and video generation. I will provide solutions on how to work around the limitations to help you generate amazing outcomes. BUT FIRST LET'S ADDRESS WHAT THE BIASES ARE:

I have uncovered 4 prevalent image and video biases, they are:

  1. Skin Tone - People of color struggle with generating quality images that reflect their skin tone

  2. Body Type - Body inclusion wasn't a big consideration based on the default images that we generate

  3. Hair Texture - Words to describe hair texture varies among cultures. So getting the right hair texture takes a little bit of work

  4. Age - Different ethnicities age differently, so generating age-driven images is a challenge

Over the next few weeks. I will deep dive into these 4 biases and share my tactics for bypassing the bias and generating the images and videos you want. So stay tuned! Catch you on the flip side

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