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Jai Stone 

The BrandMother (TM) 

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About Me – Spoiler Alert Version

Let’s take a second to address the big, jiggly, pink, polka-dot elephant in the room. My name is pronounced JAY. No, I’m not kidding. And YES, I am totally positive.




I know it’s traditional to give a long, drawn-out bio with lots of chest-thumping credentials, but I’m a renegade, so let’s skip the traditional stuff and hitcha with tha boom shocka locka! 

For the record, I DO have one of those resume-driven bios, but I just figured if you are on this site, then you are a lot like me… EFFING BUSY!!


Instead of sharing the regular old boring AF bio, I’m going to give you the social media spoiler alert version. 

In short, I am:

  • An Award-winning Master Brand Strategist

      (voted Best Marketing Firm in Atlanta)

  • An Award-winning Content Creator (since 2008)

  • A Seasoned No-bullshit Entrepreneur (est. 2001)

  • A Saucy Speaker (paid speaker since age 15)

  • A Certified Personal Brand Strategist (est. 2005)

  • Four-time Best-Selling Author (Amazon Top 10 Amazon)

  • Canva Ambassador (since 2020)

  • LinkedIn Instructor (since 2022)

  • A Digital Disruptor (over 60k online subscribers)

  • A TV/Movie Junkie (sorry, not sorry)


NOTE: If you want my formal bio, check it out my media kit HERE.

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How it kicked off...

I became an entrepreneur because my father was unexpectedly paralyzed due to complications from surgery. He required care for 18 hours per day. Life was super freaking intense! So when my posh corporate job at a local airline suddenly ended, I decided to take on a few clients and help out with Dad. A few clients turned into a few more, and 5 years later, I had a thriving graphic design agency.

The work was hard, the clients were demanding, and I felt angry and resentful EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! I never dreamed that I could be my own boss, and still hate my work. Nine years into entrepreneurship, I was now widely known and respected and had even managed to land some corporate contracts with Fortune 100 Companies, but I still hated the work.

It was about this time that Facebook made its entrance into the social media landscape. It was exciting and new and seemed to be a great way to promote my new marketing strategy, “blogging”. My business blogs had caught the attention of some national publications like Black Enterprise and ESPN, but it was my content about my personal life that drew me into the national spotlight.

Blogging about the challenges in my personal life started out as something therapeutic for me. I had not intended to share my stories publicly. But when a random post on my Facebook Notes went viral, I knew I was on to something, and I had to see it through. So I started personal development coaching.

Within six months, my brand made a big splash when my content landed on Huffington Post, followed by Madam Noire. More viral content led to appearances on BET and HuffPost Live. Eventually, I landed own column on


That level of visibility was surreal and epic all at once, but that was about to change.

Sh*t hit the fan!

Late in the fall of 2013, my family got a call from our banker. Most of my father's multi-million dollar settlement had been wiped out in the 2009 economic downturn. There was only a few thousand dollars left. 

My Dad's care was approximately $7,500 per month. And that was on top of the mortgage and the other bills.


My sisters and I had promised Dad that we would never put him in a nursing home, so we had to figure it out. 

So I made a tough decision to stop personal development coaching and go back to being a brand strategist.

The first year back, I only earned $25k. I was about to got get a job but things started to turn around quickly. And 18 months later, I had earned over $100k (more than quadrupled my revenue). The following year,  I tripled my revenue. Then doubled it every year for the next 5 years. 


2014 wasn’t that long ago. And If I can do it, YOU can do it!! All you need it the right formula and support and I’m here to help. If you're ready to get started, join my FREE ONLNE COMMUNITY

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