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Generating Digital Dollars

Imagine finally having the passive income streams you've always wanted.

Become a Digital Tycoon and Reclaim Your Freedom!

What I Offer



I offer easy-to-digest training content and classes to help you build and monetize your online brand. My primary focus areas are:

  • Generative AI

    • AI Writing​

    • AI Images

    • AI Video

    • AI Audio

  • Integrative AI

    • AI Workflows​

  • Canva Training



I have created people-driven spaces for coaches and creatives who want to build profitable brands. These communities help with:

  • Monetizing AI

    • Books/ Planners/ Journals

    • Print On Demand Products

    • Digital Products

    • Printables

  • Online Marketing

    • Content Marketing

    • Email Marketing

    • Community Building

The streets are buzzing...


The G.O.A.T

Jai never brags about who she has worked with. But it's like the brands and influencers you follow online have coached with The BrandMother. Jai is ANNOINTED!

Dee F. (Tax Expert/ Serial Entrepreneur)

About My Communities

I operate two primary online communities that can help you gain more money and more freedom. 


For Online Coaches

BizCandy is an active online community dedicated to helping coaches position themselves for more profits by growing their audience using three approaches. Content, Community and Creative Designs. 

The member portal offers training, templates, resources and monthly meetups to keep the community engaged and active.


For AI Creatives

DigiCandy is a community designed to help members leverage AI tools to generate income opportunities. 

In addition to learning cutting edge AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, our experts keep the commmunity up to date with new technologies they can monetize.

The member portal offers training, templates and monthly accountability sessions to keep you on track with our money goals.

Get in Touch

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