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What if you could get access to cool courses,
Canva templates and an epic community
for ONE affordable monthly price.   
Grab your  
CandyPass  today!

What is a 

A CandyPass is an ALL-ACCESS monthly membership that includes a free pass to all training events and online communities offered by Jai Stone. This also includes some digital products and group coaching sessions. 

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With Your CandyPass You Will Get...

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Masterclass Access ($25 per class) - These bi-monthly 90-minute master classes act as an introduction to learning new topics and technologies. 

Bootcamp Training ($97 - $297 per series) - These bi-monthly, deep dive training series range from 1-2 days. They are designed for learning and fast implementation.

Community Memberships ($47 per month) - This online community offers pre-recorded training, canva templates, resources, weekly tech updates, and accountability sessions. 

Digital Products (some limited offers) - Jai's digital store is packed with templates, tools, training and resources that are sold as solo offers to people outside the community. CandyPass will give you access to many of these products.

About the Community Memberships
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create products



  • Planners

  • Journals

  • Notebooks

  • Wall Art

  • Stationery

  • Stickers

  • Aparrel


  • Templates

  • eBooks

  • Courses

  • Images

  • Graphics

  • AI Prompts

  • Printables

...and more

We get it. You're bursting with creative ideas you want to turn into something awesome. DigiCandy can help.

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Other Membership Perks

Bi-weekly co-working sessions 

The community-led, bi-weekly co-working sessions help you stay on track and keep you focused on creating products

Community for motivation and collaboration

Get access to a supportive community where you can connect with like-minded members for ideas, resources and encouragement.

Real member success stories

The member HERO sessions allow you to hear first-hand how normal folks launched products fast and developed amazing new skills.

Bite-sized training lesson

Our micro-training lessons focus on platforms like Midjourney, ChatGPT, and Canva. The quick tutorials are tailored for different experience levels.

Curated resources and vetted vendors

The right resources and vendors will help you avoid costly mistakes.  Our community shares proven tools and services so you don't waste time and money.

Dedicated member portal

Our member portal allows you to access content on your desktop or mobile browser so that you can stay active in a way that suits your lifestyle

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CandyPass is a great way to get the most bang for your buck, by accessing a chunk of offers from Jai Stone. 

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But wait.... there's more!


​Kickstart your AI Learning

  • ChatGPT Basics

  • Midjourney Basics

  • AI Video Avatar Basics

Customer attraction portal

BizCandy is a bonus memebership that focuses on helping your growing community, content and email list.


ByteCandy offers bite-sized weekly tips and updates on AI and Tech to imrove productivity.


Get access to all of Jai's bi-monthly bootcamps and masterclasses. 


Hosted by Jai Stone,
Founder & Digital Brand Strategist

Jai Stone is an award-winning digital brand strategist who helps major companies and entrepreneurs build influential digital brands. A seasoned speaker, she trains audiences for brands like Canva and LinkedIn on strategic topics like AI and branding. Her insights have been published widely including Forbes and ESPN.


With decades of experience, Jai is an industry leader in leveraging disruptive tech to craft digital strategies that drive meaningful connections and growth. Both emerging and established brands look to Jai as the trusted voice on digital branding and storytelling. Connect further with her work at

Join now and start your Digital Tycoon journey today

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