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Expand your creativity in a fraction of the time with this stylish prompt bundle.


 Features & Assets

• PDF Guide: Instruction Guide With Links To Prompts & Assets

• 12 Editable Midjourney Prompts tested in v 5.2 and v6.0

• 25 Stock Images for personal or commercial use

• Style Variables: 3 Art Styles (photo, illustration, painting)

• Color Variables: 4 Pastel Colors (pink, green, blue, purple)

 Can Be Used For:

• Content- Create scroll-stopping content with dynamic ai images

• Products - Produce eye-catching designs for your t-shirts, journals, planners, calendars, mugs and other physical or digital products

• Artwork - Convert your images into stunning wall art

• …and more

 Customers Who Can Benefit:

• Digital & Product Creators

• Graphic & Web Designers

• Content Creators & Marketers

• Educators and Students

✅ FAQs

Q: How do I use Midjourney?

A: Currently, you will need to generate images using Discord (

Q: Is there a FREE version of Midjourney?

A: No, the free version was discontinued.

Q: Do I need a specific subscription plan to use Midjourney?

A: No, the basic tier works fine. Sign up at

Midjourney Prompt Guide: Boss Bae V1


Learning Level


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