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Clarity Over Cutesy

When it comes to building an online brand, people often focus on how it looks FIRST. But once a potential customer clicks to buy they are often UNCLEAR about the offer.  Here's a little realness for you...

For more than a decade, Clarity Coaching has been my top-selling service. It's very common for even the biggest and brightest stars to need help articulating their offer or value.  Sometimes they even struggle with detailing the specifics of the project or offer.

That's where I come in!

In these one-on-one clarity sessions, I become your partner in helping you clarify the offer, audience and outcome you need to Build A Bankable Brand.

Here's how it works.

Once you select the coaching focus area, you will book your session. The virtual coaching session will take place on Zoom. Once the session is complete you will get a Clarity Blueprint along with a recording of the session.

Types of clarity coaching

Brand Clarity

This session will help you clarify, communicate and streamline your core offers.​

Book Clarity

Got an idea for a book, planner or journal, but you're stuck with mapping it out? Book this session..

Content Strategy

Book this session to help you determine what content to creat and which platform to focus on.

Speaking Topics

This session will help you turn your offers into speaking topics that increase your income.

The streets are buzzing...


The G.O.A.T

Jai never brags about who she has worked with. But it's like the brands and influencers you follow online have coached with The BrandMother. Jai is ANNOINTED!

Dee F. (Tax Expert/ Serial Entrepreneur)

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